Vegan Food

Vegan Food Restaurant in Udaipur

Every other day, social media is abuzz with the latest trends. Be it fashion, health or food, nothing remains untouched. Looking at the latest trends in the food industry, more and more people are adopting veganism. With this practice, people are prohibiting the eating of animal-related food products. Of late, various celebrities have promoted veganism and recently, even Genelia and Ritesh Deshmukh joined the bandwagon by launching a plant-based meat venture.

This change is undoubtedly because of social media, where hundreds of animal cruelty videos are being shared in order to make people aware. Not just that, a lot of people are becoming ‘Vegan Influencers’ to promote veganism in India. This trend has led to the opening of various vegan restaurants. If you are also a vegan food and looking forward to eating out, here Mewar Foodies are the top vegan food restaurant in Udaipur, India that you must look out for!

When we first started eating vegan food years ago, it seemed daunting. But we quickly realized something: vegan recipes can be some of the most creative and delicious out there! Fast forward to today, and we’ve devoted our lives to inspiring people (you!) how to eat lots of vegetables in delicious ways. Our forte? Veggie-packed recipes that are tasty, healthy, and pretty simple to make.

Your Ultimate Vegan Food Destination in Udaipur!

Indulge in a culinary experience like no other at Mewar Foodies, the leading vegan food restaurant in Udaipur. We proudly present a delightful array of delectable dishes crafted with love and care, catering to both vegans and food enthusiasts alike.

At Mewar Foodies, we believe that vegan food can be exciting, innovative, and above all, delicious. Indulge in our signature dishes, each bursting with rich spices, fresh ingredients, and a blend of traditional and contemporary cooking techniques. From our sumptuous vegan thalis to our sizzling street food delights, every dish is a testament to our dedication to creating memorable culinary experiences.

Whether you're a committed vegan or simply looking to explore a healthier and eco-friendly dining choice, Mewar Foodies has something special in store for everyone. We take immense pride in providing a warm and inviting atmosphere, where friends, families, and colleagues can come together to savor the goodness of plant-based cuisine.

Join us at Mewar Foodies and redefine your perception of vegan food in Udaipur. Our friendly staff awaits your arrival, ready to serve you with the utmost hospitality and ensure you have an unforgettable dining experience. Come and relish the flavors of Rajasthan with a compassionate twist, only at Mewar Foodies - where love for food meets love for the planet. Visit us today and let your taste buds dance with delight!